Saint Paul City Council President Amy Brendmoen (Ward 5)

"James Farnsworth had me at hello! He is a bright, engaging leader who is absolutely ready to serve the community on the Saint Paul School Board. I’m backing James and I invite you to do the same."

Saint Paul City Councilmember Jane Prince (Ward 7)

"I happen to know a lot of politicians these days being the Ward 7 Saint Paul City Councilmember (and thank you for bestowing that honor on me.) Knowing politicians the way I do, I think I have identified an up-and-coming great one in James Farnsworth. James is running for Saint Paul School Board this year and has my endorsement.

One thing for sure - we need young people to get involved in politics - young people who share our values for hard work and creating a more equitable society. That's why I'm supporting James Farnsworth for Saint Paul School Board this year. James is young, articulate, responsible, and most important - wants to get elected to help our kids.  James is a Highland Park Senior High School grad. After graduating, he stayed involved in the district by serving on the Critical Ethnic Studies Steering Committee to work towards implementation of more culturally responsive curriculum. James is just the kind of person we need on our school board."

Louise Seeba - Saint Paul School Board Member (2012-2015)

“James will be a thoughtful, practical, and dedicated School Board member.  I am so pleased that he has decided to run.  You only need to take a look at James’ numerous SPPS volunteer hours, issue analysis, and community moderating to know he is the real deal.”

Andy Dawkins - Former State Representative

"What more could we want?!  Very smart, articulate and responsible - grew up in Saint Paul Public Schools - and has history of reaching out and engaging with students!"

Megan Thomas - Former Chair, Senate District 65 DFL and Former Chair, Stonewall DFL Caucus

Brandon Long - Community Leader and Co-Founder, Sustain Saint Paul

“James seems to be everywhere all the time and I mean that in the best possible way. Throughout the years I have crossed paths with James in a variety of ways and have come to have much respect for his deep dedication to the community. As a friend, ally, and neighbor James is kind, considerate, and talented. I am very proud to endorse him for School Board.”

Chris Aerts - Highland Park Senior High School Parent, PTSA Member, and School Volunteer

"I worked with James on PTSA at Highland Park Senior High for three years and he was always an active advocate for SPPS. Since his graduation, he has stayed true to his alma mater by volunteering at many HPSH events. Furthermore, James was an active member in forming Friends of Highland Arts, volunteer manager for Highland Fest, and now a responsible, proactive Executive Director of the Highland Business Association. He has my vote!"

Rick Juliusson - Former Head of School at the Friends School of Minnesota

"James is an amazing organizer, visionary, boundless energy, finishes what he starts, progressive, positive, and inspires others. He is a gifted facilitator in meetings, creative, focused, and good with tech. I can't imagine a better person for school board (or any position he sets his mind to)."

Scott Burns - CEO, Structural, Inc.

"James has spent years authentically engaging our community in support of all SPPS stakeholders. He will bring a calm, informed, and passionate voice to our school board rooted in his experience as a student and community leader. These are critical moments for our students and our community, and James is the kind of next generation leader who can bring new solutions and thinking to the table."

Friends, Neighbors, and Supporters of James

 Eileen and Brad Conzet, Vineeta Sawkar and Jason Branby, Marit Brock, Chris Aerts, Becky O’Keefe, Janet Silversmith, Christine Duncan, Jack Ellis, Joy Swanson, Tiffany Dreher, Wendy Lutter and Eric Bosler, Michele Moylan, Riley Quinlan, Beth Fraser, Nancy Manley, Michael and Elizabeth Gibba, Ann Nordby, Kathleen Kelley, Laurel Vernon, Michael Farnsworth and Claudia Peppey, Phil and Laura Muessig, Stephanie Ross, Richard Beeson, Susan B. Wright, Jenna Klein-Brown, Nancy Bitenc, Leslie Rosedahl, Alex Prince, Jeanine Holden, Tippy Maurant, Sally Bell, Julie Eddington, Laura E. Halferty, Marcy Wengler, Andrew Rorvig and Amanda Karls, Jane Sommerville, Annette Hansen, Tina Fahnestock, Luke Pemberton, Taylor Nelson, Natalie King, Tia Anderson, Patrick Beedle, Michael and Shelley Cline, Katie Sterns, Melissa Dangaran, Chris Cuddigan, Sara Frommeyer, Carolyn Carr, Eileen Galvin, Kate Walthour and Matt Muenster, Christine Salomon, Karen and Steve Lewis, Peter Butler, Nick Pemberton, Elliot Schwartz, Tanya Refshauge

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