When I was in high school, I recognized the need for increased student voice in school and district-level decisions. I advocated for Highland Park Senior High School’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to become a Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). After we officially became a PTSA, I took on the role of Recording Secretary on the Executive Board to always ensure that the student voice was front and center at school level decisions.


When I went in front of the school board in 2015 to advocate for student representation on the board, I was very pleased with the creation of the Student Engagement and Advancement Board (SEAB). In this day and age, direct amplification and representation of student voices in decision making is more important than ever. I will continue to be a steadfast advocate for the student voice and will not take a vote on any major issue in front of the board without directly engaging with and listening to students first.

I'm running because I believe that now more than ever, students and parents need informed and engaged advocates at the table for the numerous significant decisions that will be made in the coming months that have the potential to reshape education as we know it. I want to put the experience I've gathered navigating issues in community and inside the district to work on behalf of those that need a voice the most. Learn more about the issues that matter most to me here